Educational Resources

Here are some helpful videos and good reads on a range of topics that may help you along in your transitional therapy. Many of these are required viewing/reading for my patients as a part of the educational process involved in their therapeutic transition. Some of these were created by myself, and some by other sources. 

Also, be sure to check out the Blog for interesting transgender topics!

My Own Youtube Channel. You will find several videos on a variety of HRT topics, such as how to do injections, the effects of hormones, and more: 

How to do an Intramuscular injection on yourself: 

Another Intramuscular injection video:

How to perform a Subcutaneous injection on yourself: 

Another Subcutaneous injection video: 

Here are two excellent videos by UCSF concerning the effects of the different types of hormone transitions:

-Masculinizing Therapy-

-Feminizing Therapy-

I just love this guy, Uppercase Chase. Here is the first of a series he does of very informative Trans topic youtube videos starting with Trans 101:

This is a lecture by Dr William Powers who has his own method/research in gender affirming hormone therapy. It is his method I follow moreso than others in case you are wondering where I fall in my opinions on hormone dosages and levels:


Here are two good reads by UCSF concerning the effects of hormone therapy:

Masculinizing Therapy-

Feminizing Therapy-