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Here are some helpful video links and good reads on a range of topics that may help you along in your transitional therapy.

Our Clinic Youtube Channel. You will find a ton of videos on a variety of hormone topics: 

How to do an Intramuscular injection on yourself: 

Another Intramuscular injection video:

How to perform a Subcutaneous injection on yourself: 

Another Subcutaneous injection video: 

Here are two excellent videos by UCSF concerning the effects of the different types of hormone transitions:

-Masculinizing Therapy-

-Feminizing Therapy-

We just love this guy, Uppercase Chase. Here is the first of a series he does of very informative Trans topic youtube videos starting with Trans 101:

A lecture by Dr William Powers in Michigan. Though he has revised/adjusted many parts of this since the video was recorded, it still contains a lot of interesting info regarding his thoughts on hormone therapy and trans people in general:


Here are two good reads by UCSF concerning the effects of hormone therapy:

Masculinizing Therapy-

Feminizing Therapy-


Below are attachments created by the Mississippi ACLU concerning name and gender marker change procedures in Mississippi. You can also visit their website here: 

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