Many times, health insurance will cover labs, but if not,
we have an option for paying for labwork out of pocket:

Depending on the type of therapy you are on (Testosterone or Estrogen), and also depending on where you are at in your therapy (beginner versus a couple years down the road), the type of labs needed to monitor your progress will be different. The most expensive lab panel is generally done prior to starting your therapy, and then once per year thereafter. In between this panel, a smaller panel will be run, which is less expensive. The price range for lab panels runs around $75 - $150 per lab panel. Again, the panel you will need will depend on the type of therapy you are on. Labs are done about every 3 months during the beginning of your journey.

     1) We will send you an invoice to pay for your labs.
     2) We then order the labs through our lab company partner.
     3) We send you a form to print out and bring to the lab.
     *Lab used is the closest partnered Labcorp or Quest lab*