Many times, health insurance will cover labs, but if not, we have a couple of different options:

1) Doctors Nutrition in Gulfport has discounted labs when ordered through them (you don't have to go to Gulfport). We fax your orders over to them, then you call them to arrange a blood draw at a Labcorp location near you, you pay over the phone, and they will direct you from there. Labs through this company generally run $90-$120 (depends on type of HRT). Their website is here if you want to look them up: 

2) Another option is to purchase your labs from an online company and have them drawn at a Labcorp or Quest location. Click the button below to purchase your lab panel. It should take you straight to the page of the hormone panel to purchase. Labs through this method cost $149.

Detailed instructions are below, if needed.

  1. Click the button above, and it should take you to the "Trans Hormone Wellness Panel."

  2. If not, just use their search bar for the Trans Hormone Wellness Panel to pull it up. It is the only lab like this. 

  3. It should say $149.

  4. Click the “Add to Cart” button.

  5. Click the “Go to Cart” button.

  6. Click “Proceed to Checkout”

  7. A screen will come up prompting you to search for a lab location.

  8. Enter your zip code, and click “Find” to find the locations closest to you.

  9. A list of locations will pop up. Select the one you want.

  10. Once you have selected a location, the next screen will prompt you to enter your information, such as name,

    address, date of birth, email, etc.

  11. Under your information, it will ask you to enter your payment information, such as a credit/debit card.

  12. Once you have filled everything out, click “Place My Order”

  13. You will then receive an email with a “Lab Requisition Form” and also the address/phone information about the lab location you selected.

  14. Print your Lab Requisition Form and bring it with you to the lab location. Bring a photo ID with you as well.

  15. That’s it! Lab results are usually resulted within 3-5 business days. Once they result, forward the results through the clinic App.

*FYI, you do not have to get labs done the same day that you purchase the lab panel. So go whenever is convenient for you. You can call the lab to make an appointment if you wish, but they generally allow you to just walk in and hand them the orders without an appointment.*

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