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We have different options for you to get your labs done depending on if you are using insurance or paying out-of-pocket! Scroll down and read the section that applies to your situation. :)

Labs Done With Insurance

+ ANYWHERE: You can take our orders (printed out) to any lab facility that accepts your insurance, including Labcorp, Quest, outpatient service departments at hospitals, clinics, etc. 

Labs Done Without Insurance

We have partnerships with two different companies that offer different out-of-pocket lab services: 

Labcorp or Quest

-Drawn at a Labcorp or Quest Lab Facility: Average cost is $50 to $100, and labs must be done at a location within the partnered lab network as not all Labcorp/Quest locations perform patient blood collection. You can search for their locations here:



How often are labs needed?
-Before starting hormone therapy (tests are: CBC & CMP).
-3 months after starting hormone therapy.
-Every 3-4 months after that until hormone levels are stable, then every 6-12 months. 
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