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We have multiple ways for you to get your labs done depending on if you are using insurance or paying out-of-pocket! Scroll down and read the section that applies to your situation. :)

Labs With Insurance

+ IN-CLINIC: We have a phlebotomist at our clinic in Hattiesburg who is available during the first half of the month for in-house lab draws. Insurance of all types is accepted by our lab partner, Clinicore. You will not be expected to pay anything at the time of the lab draw (and they will not ask for money to cover things that insurance won't pay for). 

The in-clinic lab days/hours are:  Any Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu/Fri that falls on the 1st - 15th days of the month.

+ AT-HOME: When only hormone labs (such as Testosterone, Estradiol, Estrone, SHBG, etc) are needed, you can opt to have a finger-stick lab collection kit mailed to you. Instructions come with the kit, and we also have a youtube video.

***For video on how to do the at-home test, click HERE

+ ANYWHERE: You can also take our orders (printed out) to any other lab that accepts your insurance if you do not live within a reasonable driving distance of the clinic. 

Labs Without Insurance

We have partnerships with two different companies that offer different out-of-pocket lab services: 


-AT-HOME Finger Stick Test: $90 - $100, available for when you need just hormone levels drawn (can't do blood count and liver/kidney functions at home). We mail you a kit, you collect, then send it off in the pre-paid mailing packet.

***For video on how to do the at-home test, click HERE

-IN-CLINIC Blood Draw: $90 - $100, for use when getting hormone levels and also blood counts and liver/kidney functions. 


-Drawn at a Labcorp or Quest Lab Facility: $75 - $150, must be done at a location within the partnered lab network. See where your closest lab location is by visiting their website and clicking the Find A Lab button in their menu! HealthLabs.Com

How often are labs needed?
-Before starting hormone therapy.
-3 months after starting hormone therapy.
-Every 3 months after that until hormone levels are stable, then every 6 months.