Our Story

Spectrum: The Other Clinic is a Transgender/Gender-Nonconforming Hormone Clinic headquartered in Mississippi that specializes in Gender Affirming Hormone Therapy. But it isn't just that. It's a mission powered by the trans community. The membership dues that we charge for hormone services don't just go to the clinic itself. We also utilize those funds to grow and maintain a transgender safe space here in Hattiesburg, MS in partner with our non-profit organization: Marsha's Tea Room. This safe space serves as a resource center, a gathering place, an education source, and many other things. So you aren't just paying for hormone therapy but also the well-being of a local trans community space. And even if you aren't a patient of ours, you can still donate to help build it. One-time, monthly, yearly, whatever. All help is welcome. We will bring awareness to Mississippi from the inside out. Come join us!

The Creation of Our Clinic

In the beginning of 2019, the founders of Spectrum: The Other Clinic were exploring ways that they could make an impactful difference for the Trans/GNC community. They had both worked in healthcare for several decades combined and wanted to take on a challenge that no one else had yet....and yeah, they found it. Transgender folks across the state suffered from overall poor access to trans related healthcare, especially competently delivered and non-gatekeepy gender affirming hormone therapy. The way things were quite simply pissed them off, so they decided to do something about it. And their hearts' work has flourished since then.

 It has been an awful lot of work and stress putting it all together, but the worth is beyond measure as this clinic literally goes about changing the faces of people all across the south. Truly the best work ever!

The Founders / Healthcare Providers:



Lee Pace (Family NP, He/Him) is a queer identified Mexican-American born and raised in New Orleans, LA. He has had a hand in many different trades throughout the years until finding his calling here with founding Spectrum. He began as a Diesel Mechanic before moving into the realm of healthcare. After working for 15 years as an Occupational Therapist, he next sought a career as a Paramedic for a few years, and then afterward went on to become a Registered Nurse. He still wasn't quite settled, though, and so returned to school at Belmont University after working a few years in nursing to pursue his current career as a Nurse Practitioner. Since passing his boards, he has worked in many areas: Family Practice, Urgent Care, and Hospital Medicine, and the majority of time in the Emergency Department. He has worked hard to build this clinic and continues with further efforts in his latest project to establish a nonprofit that will assist TGNC people financially in affording their HRT, educate and advocate for this community, and provide a safe space for gathering.

Stacie Pace (ACNP/AGNP, She/They) is a nonbinary identified nurse practitioner born on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and lived there for most of their life. They graduated from MGCCC with their RN-ADN and jumped straight in to nursing. They worked for about seven years as a Registered Nurse, with most of that time in the Emergency Department. During the end of that time, they returned to school at the University of South Alabama to obtain their RN-BSN, and then shortly after that returned again for their Master's in Primary Care as an Adult Nurse Practitioner with a focus on Internal Medicine. They then practiced as an NP for several years before returning to school with the University of Pennsylvania for a Post Master’s in Acute Care. They have worked in both outpatient and inpatient medicine settings during their career as an NP, most recently as a Hospitalist NP. Stacie has always believed that everyone should have the chance to live as their true selves and is excited by the future prospects of what this clinic could do for the community. 


So come on, join us... 

Live Your Truth!