Our Story

Spectrum: The Other Clinic is a Transgender Hormone Clinic headquartered in Mississippi that specializes in Gender Affirming Hormone Therapy. Visits can be completed via telemedicine appointment (live streaming video chat sessions), or by in-office appointments. The goal is to assist patients in attaining their healthiest potential and to be able to live freely as their true selves. Are you ready for an actual partnership with your provider? Because that's what we do here. Real talk, real results, on your terms. We are here to be your healthcare provider, your friend, and your mentor throughout your transitional process.

Creating the Vision

The creators of Spectrum: The Other Clinic were exploring ways that they could make an impactful difference for the Trans community in Mississippi. Since both of them are nurse practitioners with many years of practice experience, this gave them a good idea of some actions they could directly take. So they set their minds together on creating a clinic with the wellbeing and safety of the Trans community in mind. They sought opinions on what the most concerning healthcare need is for Trans/Nonbinary/GNC individuals here in MS. The response was overwhelming: hormone transitional care. Apparently, hardly anyone provided this much needed service. So the need was there. They just had to find a way... And it certainly wasn’t easy, as neither of the owners had ever run their own business before. But their desire to help overrode their fear of failure, and they have worked ceaselessly on their off time to build something great that is dedicated to Trans/NBY/GNC folx: Your own hormone care clinic. YOUR clinic. Everyone else has something, some specialty dedicated to their gender or specific needs, but the Trans community had nothing. Until now. This, is yours.

And the owners weren’t alone in their struggles, as many others reached out with advice and assistance during this time. They deeply appreciate all of the community support received/offered during the start-up process. It has been an awful lot of work and stress putting it all together, but the worth is going to be beyond measure as we begin to literally change the faces of MS residents.

Your Provider: Stacie Pace, ACNP/AGNP

Stacie was born on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and lived there for most of her life. She graduated from MGCCC with her RN-ADN and jumped straight in to nursing. She worked for about seven years as a Registered Nurse, starting out briefly on a Medical/Surgical ward before moving to the Emergency Department. During this time, she returned to school at the University of South Alabama to obtain her RN-BSN, and then shortly after that returned for her RN-MSN in Primary Care as an Adult Nurse Practitioner with a focus on Internal Medicine. She then practiced as an NP for several years before returning to school with the University of Pennsylvania for a Post Master’s in Acute Care. She has worked in both outpatient and inpatient medicine settings during her career as an NP, most recently as a Hospitalist NP. Stacie has always been a staunch Ally for the LGBTQ+ community and believes everyone should have the chance to live as their true selves. She is the main provider for the clinic and will be who your visit is scheduled with when you request an appointment.

So come on... 

Live Your Truth!

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SPECTRUM: The Other Clinic

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