Appointment Types & Cost

For details regarding cost, see the bottom of this page.

Associated Visit Fees:

Monthly Membership Plan (Age 18+):

-First month sign up is $50, then it drops to $35 per month every month thereafter. This fee covers all of your visits. Whether the provider needs to see you every 2 months, every 3 months, or every 6's all the same price: $35/month.

-We do things differently here. Anytime you have a question regarding your care, you can ask us directly with our secure clinic messaging app.

**This membership can be canceled at any time; no cancellation fees. There is no minimum length of time to sign up or any other commitment involved.  

Trans Youth (Age 14+):

-Per visit cost is $150. Visits are approximately every 3 months.

-You may also opt to sign up for a monthly membership that spreads the cost out by charging $50 per month. This cost covers all of your visits.