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Image by Jeremy Thomas

Religious Freedom Anyone?

Image by Sanath Kumar

Unicorn Ministry

Unicorn Ministry is a religious belief system founded in 2020 whose basic tenets firmly support bodily autonomy and personal choice over one's own health decisions. Many of our patients find comfort knowing that membership in this religion defends their right to assert control over their bodies without worry of outside interference from the government with their religious rights. According to the First Amendment and also the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993, one's religious beliefs and practices are inviolable and not subject to government oversight. A person may thereby practice uninhibited the ancient rite of body modification through the use of such processes as hormone therapy, tattoo inscription, piercings, and other various methods to express one's inner faith outwardly. 

For more information on this faith, or to enroll as a member (free), please visit the website and read further on this faith that promotes its members' freedom to express their true selves as desired without interruption by legal processes.

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