• Q: What is a telemedicine virtual visit?

  • A: Telemedicine is a convenient form of healthcare able to be performed via live streaming video chat sessions. It operates kind of like how FaceTime, Zoom, or Skype works. You and your healthcare provider will meet by using a computer, phone, or other electronic device with video capability. That way, you can complete your visit at home, bringing your healthcare directly into your living room!

  • Q: How long until I start to see results from hormone therapy?

  • A: Everyone is different, and some effects are more rapid in onset than others. It can also depend on the age at which you start. In general, it can take anywhere from 2-5 years to reach the maximal effect of hormones, but some effects can be seen within the first 3 months. Think of it this way: It is like a second puberty. You didn't go through your first puberty in less than a year, did you? The same rules apply here. Your body needs time to adjust and grow!

  • Q: Are the effects of the hormones permanent?

  • A: Yes and No. Some effects, such as deepening of the voice or development of breast tissue, are permanent. But many effects are not. It can also depend on the length of time you have been on hormones. This is another topic you will be learning about during your visits.

  • Q: What if I change my mind and want to stop hormones?

  • A: That is, of course, your choice. And it is perfectly fine. You should inform your provider, though, so they can instruct you on how to safely taper off of hormone therapy so as to minimize any side effects and/or unpleasantness.

  • Q: What is included in a hormone visit?

  • A: The visit includes time with your provider, wherein you will be assessed for, and educated on, your hormone therapy options. You will also be discussing side effects, risks, benefits, and physical changes possible from hormone therapy. The length of the visit is somewhat determined by your comfort level and education/experience regarding hormone therapy. Your provider is there to make sure you make a well-informed and educated decision regarding your transition.

  • Q: Where do I get my lab work drawn?

  • A: Wherever you want! Prior to your appointment, you can research what lab facilities for blood draws are available near you that you are willing to have your labs performed at. Have that information with you for your appointment to give to your provider, and they will fax your lab orders to your chosen facility. A facility name, number, and/or fax number are very much appreciated and can really help speed things along to get your orders sent out quickly. However, if you are uninsured and will be paying cash, we will direct you towards the option that is the most cost efficient.

  • Q: Where do I pick up my medications from?

  • A: Whatever pharmacy you want! Prior to your appointment, you should research what pharmacy you would like to have your prescription sent to. Enter that information when completing your intake paperwork or tell your provider, and they will send your prescription to your chosen pharmacy for pick up.

  • Q: How much do hormone medications cost?

  • A: It is hard to put an exact cost on it because each pharmacy is going to have slightly different prices, so sometimes you might want to shop around a bit before settling on one. Another factor is that not everyone will be placed on the same medications and/or doses, and this can also make the prices vary. A good resource to investigate the prices of medications with is GoodRx. It is a handy phone app that you can use to research medication prices, and it also includes coupons you can use to lower your overall prescription price. In general, medications cost between $20-$60/month.

  • Q: Will my insurance cover my lab costs?

  • A: Maybe. Many do. But health insurance companies all cover different things to varying degrees. Check with your health insurance company to see if they cover "gender affirming hormone therapy associated costs." Even if they don't, there are other options we can discuss with you. If you don't have insurance that will pay for labs, tell your provider. We are partnered with a national company you can purchase labs through for reduced cost! 

  • Q: How much does hormone lab work cost without health insurance?

  • A: This is another answer that is difficult to give because there are so many different lab companies. Sometimes you have to shop around for a good price. If you want to get a ballpark figure, call a lab company and ask them how much these labs cost: CBC, CMP, Estradiol, Total Estrogen, and Total Testosterone. There are other labs we do as well at times, but these are the basics that can help give you an idea of an average. We have an alternative source for labs if you don't have insurance coverage that costs $149. You can find it under our LABS tab in the site menu.

  • Q: How often will I need to have lab work for hormones?

  • A: It depends on the stage you are at, length of time on therapy, age, overall health, and stability of hormone levels. In general, at first, you will have blood drawn about every 3 months, then moving on to every 6 months as your levels stabilize.

  • Q: How often do I have to see my provider for hormone therapy?

  • A: If you have never been on HRT before, then you will do an initial appointment, then you will follow up quickly 4-6 weeks later. After that, you will meet with them about every 3 months. This can also be determined by your age, physical health, mental health, and stability of your hormone levels. The longer you have been on HRT, the less frequent your visits will need be.

  • Q: Can I contact my provider in between appointments?

  • A: YES! In fact, we absolutely LOVE to help you along the way in between visits. This service is included with your membership fee. If you are a current patient, then you can download our secure App to get started chatting. Your success is the whole reason we started this clinic. 

  • Q: I’m not sure I am ready to start hormones yet. Is there a way to be evaluated before committing to a full hormone appointment?

  • A: Yes. Schedule a Hormone Consultation Visit instead! It's FREE! This allows you to meet with me (Stacie), and we can discuss what your options are and how I would likely proceed with your therapy. If/when you choose to go ahead with hormone therapy, you then simply need to schedule an Initial Hormone Therapy Visit, and we can pick up where we left off and get you started on your path to your authentic self.

  • Q: How/When do I pay for the visit?

  • A: By enrolling in the membership plan, the only time you will need to deal with this is during the first visit. You will be sent a link to our enrollment page to sign up for the monthly membership payments. After that first payment, it will auto charge your card on the same date every month. You can change the card any time by signing back in. For more info on our membership, go to the Services/Cost tab in the site menu and scroll to the bottom of that page. 

  • Q: Do I have to live in MS or AZ to be treated?

  • A: No, but if doing a telemedicine visit, you DO have to attest that you are physically located within the borders of one of these states during the visit because our provider is only licensed to practice in MS and AZ. So if you just live close by, you can drive over the state border and still be seen by us!

  • Q: How old do I have to be to be seen by this clinic?

  • A: The provider is only trained/certified to see those ages 18 and up. You will need to upload a copy/picture of your driver’s license (or other government issued ID with birth date) during the registration process to serve as proof of age and identity.


For other questions, feel free to email or text us!

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