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Portrait of latin transgender woman in wheelchair and people at meeting in the background
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Get In Touch!
*Be aware that we require all of the info below due to the frequent harassment we receive. If you contact us in bad faith, we will post your info on our social media pages :)
Also, non-functioning emails/numbers are automatically filtered out
once submitted, so save yourself the time. Thanks!

Thanks! We'll Get Back With You Soon!

Hours & Location

The Other Clinic varies its hours and location at times in order to preserve the safety of our staff and patients. Thus, we do not make ourselves an easy target. Hostility demonstrated towards our staff and/or community will not be tolerated. 

Appt availability varies for new patients and is best viewed through our appt booking online scheduler. Go to the Appointment page, and you can browse available dates/times.

Where Are We?
Administrative Office Headquarters: Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

Offering Trans HRT care to MS, CO, and AZ.
Video chat appointments are completed by using an encrypted HIPAA compliant app, which can be accessed by phone or computer anywhere you choose. Visits are by appointment only (see Appt tab). Lab orders and prescriptions are faxed to your local area.

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