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The First & Only Trans Specialty Clinic in Mississippi

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So, What's It Cost?

*Please note, we do not accept insurance.
-$100 due at time of appt booking.
-Then $38 per month after that, billed on the 3rd of each month starting the month after.  
-That's it! There are no additional costs for our visits.

*Labs and medication are separate and may be covered by your insurance*


Starting Hormone Therapy Made Simple

Check Us Out On Youtube (and Patreon)!

We have tons of educational videos about hormone therapy that have been created by our healthcare providers so you can benefit from the knowledge they have on these topics. Got a topic request? Let us know!

  • Spectrum: The Other Clinic YouTube

What Do Folks on Google Have To Say About Us?

"I love this place! I have been so impressed at every turn on how communicative and understanding both Lee and Stacie have been. I was terrified of this process, and always assumed it was expensive and exhausting. It has been nothing but a safe space and an appointment with someone who cares. Incredibly affordable. Telehealth option has been amazing and easy - Tons of options for those without insurance."

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Giving Back

The Other Clinic is committed to this community, and so we also strive to meet its needs with various charitable activities through our nonprofit arm: Marsha's Tea Room. 

We have created programs that involve education, advocacy, and HRT assistance. We are also developing partnerships with other organizations that will hopefully help to cover the costs of HRT for those in financial need. FYI, all income from our Patreon account goes towards our less fortunate patients' cost of care. So check us out :)

Ways To Help

If you or someone you know is interested in donating funds or items we can use, please visit our nonprofit site at the link below to donate or reach out.  :)

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Want Us To Speak At Your School, Work, Or Other Event?

Contact us via email at and let us know what you need. We do virtual or in-person speaking for large or small groups, from 15-60 minute Lectures, Powerpoints, or Q&A Panel. Availability varies depending on clinic schedule. 

Gender Affirming Care:
-Queer Driven

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