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-New York-

You need hormone therapy as unique as your home state, but also convenient and affordable. Taking time out to drive to an office, wait in a lobby, wait longer in a cold exam thanks. We offer specialized knowledge with the convenience of video chat and an affordable cost that is unheard of in this specialty!

So what do we offer???

Personalized Estrogen Therapy (Testosterone coming in the future!)


Visits with your provider are covered by a monthly membership fee of $38/month. Labs/Medicine are separate and can be paid for with insurance or out-of-pocket.

*A one-time admin fee of $100 is due when booking your first visit.

Pharmacy Options

You can use a pharmacy local to you and pay using insurance or out-of-pocket. We also have a mail-order pharmacy that you can use by paying out-of-pocket and they will ship your medicine to your door!

Average out-of-pocket cost for HRT medicine is $20-$40 per month.


You need folks that have knowledge and experience in trans medicine, not just a place that offers it as an afterthought. At our clinic, trans medicine is all we do! Each of our providers has been working in healthcare for around 20 years, so we've seen it all.

Hormone Therapy Expertise

We will tailor your medications to fit your goals. Whether full, partial, NBY, or otherwise, we can put together a regimen to get you there. This isn't cookie-cutter stuff, you need something uniquely you!

*Currently Estrogen only for NY, but Testosterone is in the future works for your state.

Lab Options

Labs can be done by using your insurance and going to a lab in your area with orders we send you to print (or can fax), or you can pay out-of-pocket and use one of our in-network Labcorp or Quest locations. Average lab costs are $75-$115 per occurrence (usually every 3-6 months). 

Queer Owned

We get you because we've been there, too, with questions on identity. You can relax with us, you're with your community. It's important to our team for you to know that you are safe in our care. 

Next Steps....

No Background Uni

1) Check out the rest of our site for resources (but be aware that only this page is specific to NY).
2) To book an appt, click the Book Appt button below.
3) Follow the instructions and answer the questions in our booking system.
4) Once you have submitted your appt request, we will review it and then send you further instructions via email to complete the intake process.
5) Download our clinic messaging app, which is where your video chat will be.
6) Wait for your appt. And it's go time!

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