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Marsha's Tea Room

Join the community and help support the health and welfare of transgender individuals. It takes courage to reveal your inner self. Stand with those who do! Just as Marsha P Johnson threw a brick at Stonewall in 1969, pick up your own and help us build something eternal that stands for the justice that transgender people are never given but greatly deserve.

We are in the process of obtaining nonprofit status and will update as soon as it becomes available. 

Marsha's Tea Room is many things. Most visibly, it provides a safe space for members of the transgender community and allies to socialize and further TGNC education and advocacy efforts. Our main objective is to promote the health and welfare of the transgender community. Donations are utilized primarily for covering the costs associated with hormone therapy for transgender and gender nonconforming individuals demonstrating financial need.

Donations go to hormone therapy & education/advocacy.

Join us for a cup of coffee and hang out. 

Be part of our team.


We are partnered with Spectrum: The Other Clinic to provide HRT services to individuals with financial need. Our coffee shop and library are located within the clinic office.

Current plans for opening are tentatively scheduled for March, 2021.

Forum: Private Discussions

Have questions related to healthcare and transitioning? Request membership to our Reddit page! It is set to private, so only individuals screened by the moderators are allowed in so as to provide as much privacy as possible. Once in the forum, members are never asked for identifying information so as to remain anonymous. The providers for Spectrum: The Other Clinic, along with other members of the TGNC community will help to answer your questions/issues. Just click the link here and then message one of the listed moderators for entry to the group.

TGNC Topic Blog

Our blog topics discuss various TGNC issues from a medical perspective. Have a topic you'd like pondered over and posted about? Just let us know!


Why? Marsha P. Johnson protested in 1970 as a counterprotestor at the Gay Liberation Front protest at Bellevue Hospital. She held a sign reading "Power To The People." Power not only to identify oneself as transgender, but also taking advantage of the same rights as any other human in society. The right to receive appropriate medical and mental healthcare, addressing poverty, suicide, marriage, and maybe even being able to just simply use the restroom. She would be proud to see how far some in the LGBTQ family have been accepted into the community and the rights they now enjoy. Marsha's Tea Room will attempt to honor her spirit and drive in the support of all transgender and gender nonconforming people.

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Marsha's Tea Room

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