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Transgender & Gender Nonconforming Youth Services Requirements/Info:

-Youth ages 16 & 17 in Mississippi.

-You will need a referral letter from a therapist to get started with us (but you can complete the consultation visit prior to this step). A form is to be completed by the therapist and faxed to us.
If you need a therapist, let us know! We have a list of trans affirming and supportive therapists that have in-person and video visits.

-Your initial visit with us will be a video chat consultation. After, your visits with us will be in-person at our Hattiesburg office.
The consultation involves you, your parents, and the provider.

-Parental consent is a requirement. Emancipated minors may present their emancipation court papers in place of parental consent.

-You will also need a general physical form to be completed by another healthcare provider (just like how you can get a sports physical done for school activities).

-We do not currently accept health insurance. Visits are $150, and are generally done every 3 months.

-As mentioned above, the first visit will be a Consultation done via Telemedicine. This visit is free of charge and you will discuss medication options, transitional effects, clinic policies, documents needing completion prior to starting medication, and then afterward plan for your first official appointment.
Email us if you need to clarify anything here! 
The documents you will need to complete are in PDF files for printing below. There is a checklist also to make sure you have everything in order. These do not all need to be completed prior to the consultation, but they do need completing before the first official visit can be scheduled. Let us know if you have any questions. 

Click here for a video discussing the paperwork/requirements.

Gender Affirming Care:
-Queer Driven

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