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Why The Hate?

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

I mean, cuz why? There is absolutely no valid reason why people have such hatred towards transgender folks. And it completely baffles me at times the things they come up with to justify their hatred. Does it make them feel better to throw shade on an already oppressed minority? Wow. Good job then.....

Recently, I stopped blocking/deleting the hateful comments under the Facebook ad for my transgender telemedicine hormone clinic. I did this for a couple reasons, but the main one was because folks asked me to. They told me that they wanted the chance to respond to and troll these moronic people themselves, and in so doing try to show the trans community that they are supported. I must say this has made my life more enjoyable lately. Having to read those comments myself and then delete them was soul-numbing. But, after stopping deleting them about 4 days ago, it has actually become somewhat entertaining to read how others come to the rescue. I mean, I respond as well, and everyone who knows me should know that I am not generally very kind when I see this kind of oppression and hate. However, to a small degree, I have to maintain my cool since I am representing my business. Which is regrettable, but I hope folks understand. I can't exactly have all my potential supporters and patients see me cursing like a drunken fool at these mindless gnomes that no one really cares about anyway.

Is it healthy to engage with these folks? That is debatable. As long as those who participate don't wrap themselves up in it and let it affect them personally, I think they will be fine. And I don't feel like it encourages these butt-pukes to act more aggressively because they were already that horrible before. But I do believe that they need to see that their viewpoint is challenged and that not everyone accepts it.

I get that people may not understand what transgender is and means. I get it. And I can grudgingly understand if they do not embrace the idea. But where I draw the line is the vitriolic hate they spew forth like so much oral diarrhea. I have yet to see a justifiable reason for this hate. Transgender people don't commit violent crimes. Violent crimes are committed against them. So it isn't like there is a PTSD about being attacked by a trans person (how laughable). I can maybe see where people would automatically start out with thinking that God is against this because they use the same tired reasoning to deny other LGBTQ people their rights. They're wrong, but they are entitled to their incorrect beliefs. Whatever. But God loves all, so where is that hate coming from? And I can see that someone may react poorly when a loved comes out to them because they care about the person deeply and don't want them to potentially be hurt by this decision or whatever. But that's not quite the underlying linch pin that links all of these things together....

The hate stems from a simple source. It is from fear and denial. Of this I am quite sure. Different reasons surround the source of fear and denial, but they are the same underneath. They are just afraid of the unknown more often than not. So were cavemen, and so are rabbits.... But rabbits don't have the brain-bashing ability of cavemen. So while rabbits merely stay away from things they don't understand, the cavemen would attack it with the intent to drive it far away or eliminate the threat through killing it. People are just as basic sometimes.

In addition, those cisgender hetero people who have ever had a slightly non-hetero or non-cis thought react the same as the caveman, but internally at first. Initially they deny its existence. Then they turn to the outside world to help prove to themselves (and others at times) that they are most certainly not any part of that "other" world. This often results in random declamations of, "I am not a queer!" or such mentions as, "You should burn in hell for these sins!" They try to assert their control through ganging up on and oppressing others. Schoolyard bullies use the same tactics.

Lord have mercy, those folks are sad beyond compare. Using hate to attempt to give their sad little empty lives some sort of meaning. I pity them, but I will still fight them. It wasn't that long ago that this same fallible logic was used to keep our african-american friends in separate facilities from white folks. And you see where that idiocy went. I know, this blog was short and simple. It had to be. I simply can't spend anymore time talking about these worthless haters. They are miserable inside and seek to make others miserable in comparison. They do this out of fear and denial. They should be pitied. They will never know true happiness while trapped within the dank blackness of their shriveled souls.

Stacie, NP

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