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Trans? Hellz Yeah!

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

I don't know who needs to hear this right now, but here goes... Are you trans (or anything other than the binary)? Yes? Then you, yes you, are fucking awesome. Killin' it, even. Do you have any idea how amazing you are? How fantabulous? No? *eye roll* Sit back and let me count the ways for you...

1) You are brave. Brave enough to be yourself in this shithole of a world that chooses to judge people by what the societal norm is rather than by who they are. That takes guts. It is scary as hell facing down the bigotry of ignorant people. And they are often in a position to hurt you. And yet, you are still here.

2) You are genuine. In a world of Barbie Doll dumbassery and nonsensical repetition, you chose to be yourself. Authentically you. No cookie-cutter crap there.

3) You are beautiful. Now see here, I don't care about your physical looks. That ain't what I'm talking about . They're probably on point anyway, but...what I care about is what you offer the world around you. Your experience. Your perspective. Your inner beauty. Your individuality. Let it shine.

4) You are valid. Everything you are is a part of your unique experience. You don't need other people's permission to live your life as you wish. Grab it. Take it. Live it. Your validity is based on you. Nothing else and no one else. Screw the naysayers because you. are. here. And you're not going anywhere.

5) You are hurting. Sometimes. And it's a part of being trans that no one on the outside is ever going to understand, no matter how hard we try. It is an inner secret, a deep pool, an enormous divide that stands between you and the rest of the world. It is filled with all of life's little disappointments that eventually build into a huge and seemingly insurmountable wall. And yet, you carry on, giving others around you reason to hope.

6) You are an inspiration. I can't even conceive of the strength it takes to do what you do. And it makes me want to pick up and try again when things are rough in my own life.

7) You are strong. SO strong. This has nothing to do with strength of arms. No. It is strength of spirit. Strength of character. The ability to press on when others would fall.

8) You persevere. You push and push to get what you want. You have to; this world is horrible to you. And you do it, day in and day out.

9) You are intelligent. Do you realize how smart you have to be to figure this stuff out about yourself when there is nothing provided for you by society in the way of education about being trans? OMG. Not only figuring it out, but navigating it and succeeding. Wow. It's a wonder any of the haters are able to understand the words you speak. They are like cavemen to your innate intelligence.

10. You cry. You let it out sometimes. That's okay. And that's good. It's natural. So many things in this world are hurtful, evil, cruel. And it gets worse when those things actively seek you out just because they disagree with one singular part of who you are. It's insanity. And yet, you grieve, and you pick up and go again. An action so impressive in its simplicity.

This is not a complete list (but I am at work and can't spend ALL day on the computer). It's just that I have recently seen and heard things in the trans community that hit me hard. And it made me think that perhaps someone out there could benefit from hearing how in awe of the trans/NB community that I am. YOU are amazing. You all astound me daily with the things you are forced to put up with, navigate around, and handle without complaint. If you do complain, then you are not heeded, or worse, you are labeled as a problem and attacked. As if its wrong to expect common decency and basic rights for oneself. Let me tell you, IT IS NOT. This is not how it should be. It is not how I would have it if I had my way. It breaks my heart to pieces to hear of the idiocies committed against you. From misgendering to outright violence. It. Is. Wrong.

There is a reason the suicide rate among the trans community is around 41%; and it goes up for those younger individuals. People say they hate you. They actively try to make your life hell. And why? Some for religion, which is laughable. Some because they're just assholes and have nothing better to do. And many just because they are afraid of the unknown. It boggles my fucking mind reading the hatred and vitriol spewing from some people's comments on my website or my facebook page about the patients I care for. Who has the time for this? But they do, apparently. They actively choose to go out of their way in an effort to hurt someone else. How pathetic. They can live a thousand times, and they will never come as close to their own truth as you do. And maybe it's this that causes such frothing hatred. They recognize someone else has ascended to the edge of a new knowledge and realization, and their subconscious banishes any other thoughts other than stealing it from you. Instead, these idiots merely destroy their own souls in the process. And the disgusting ichor of their small minded views will only erode their happiness over time. We should pity them really. But, heh, fuck 'em. I don't have time for those assholes.

If you ever doubt the impact you have on others, just reach out to a friend and see them smile. Without you, that smile never happened. And that's your impact on a very small scale. Shoot, the patients I prescribe hormone therapy to in my online clinic inspire me to be a better person every damn day. And this is not me saying, "Oh, they are so pitiful that they make me feel good about my own problems." No. Rather, they make me say, "Wow. See how strong they are, how resilient. Surely I can tackle this mess I have in my own life."

You. Matter. Don't let others steal the light of your dawn. It is beautiful. It is warm. And it is only going to get higher and brighter as we go along.

Love y'all. Together, we can fight anyone. Bring it.

Stacie, NP

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