How The Pandemic Has Changed Daily Life For Good

This was actually composed by someone outside of the clinic who thought people out there could benefit from a little reflection on the past year or so that we've all (as a planet) been through together. Below is none of my own content, and all theirs. Credits at the bottom of the post


The pandemic has uprooted life as we know it. While COVID-19 brought plenty of unwelcome consequences—small business closures, travel restrictions, and social isolation to name a few—it’s also encouraged us to adopt some positive life changes. The new challenges presented by the pandemic forced businesses to innovate and people to make adjustments to their daily habits. Some of these changes might just stick around for good!

Working from Home

The ability to work from home is one of the positive opportunities presented by the pandemic. When retail stores and offices were forced to lock down, many businesses shifted their operations online. Employers and employees alike were able to experience the mutual benefits of a remote work model, and many businesses have decided to adopt this value perk in the post-pandemic world.

Beyond remote employment, some workers took advantage of job loss and extra downtime to launch home-based businesses. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce suggests that the pandemic provided an opportunity to start businesses offering e-commerce shopping or virtual services. If you’re thinking about capitalizing on this opportunity and starting your own business, now’s the time to act! Do some market research, write up a quick business plan, and learn how to form an LLC in Mississippi using this link. Forming an LLC is a great way to shield yourself from personal liability and remove some of the risks involved in running a business.

Accessing Essential Goods and Services

Work isn’t the only daily task that has shifted online. Thanks to the pandemic, we can now access all kinds of essential goods and services from the comfort of home. You can buy groceries online, have prescriptions delivered, and even see your doctor virtually. Many of these tech innovations have been in the works for years, but due to necessity, innovation advanced rapidly during the pandemic. Even after the pandemic, these digital services will continue saving us time, money, and stress. For example, telehealth services will help patients and their caregivers avoid hassles like taking time off work for appointments or spending hours in waiting rooms.

Mental Health Awareness

As COVID-19 spread and the world locked down, people began to experience an increase in mental health issues. Concerns about the pandemic, financial struggles, job loss, and the impact on social life contributed to these issues. As a result, mental health awareness became a mainstream topic. Voices around the world encouraged us to get outside, stay active, contact our loved ones, and reach out for help—all for the sake of our mental wellbeing. Mental health is a critical topic, and we can stand to discuss it more often going forward.

Personal Health and Wellbeing

Many people used the pandemic to adopt healthy behaviors like exercising daily and eating a balanced diet. Since the beginning of the pandemic, people report spending more time in nature, sleeping better, starting new exercise programs, and making healthy dietary changes. By now, many of these behaviors have become habits! There's a good chance that the healthy actions you incorporated into your pandemic routine will stick around long after things return to normal.

Personal Hygiene

Perhaps one of the most obvious changes triggered by the pandemic is improvements in personal hygiene etiquette. For example, we’re a lot better about covering coughs and sneezes and being mindful of keeping our hands clean, both of which can help to prevent the spread of respiratory diseases like COVID-19. Some other positive hygiene habit changes include more frequent handwashing and regular cleaning of counters and other high-touch areas. As CNBC explains, mask-wearing might even become commonplace in crowded areas or when we’re sick with the common cold or flu.

As the pandemic continues, it’s important to look at the bright side. Some of the life changes brought on by the coronavirus have had positive effects! Whether you’ve picked up new healthy habits, started your own business, or adopted better personal hygiene practices, try to hold onto these beneficial changes after the pandemic ends.

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