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Easy Question Hopefully. We do not currently know how this project would be administered, we are just polling to see what people think of the idea to see if it is even viable. We try to never change the way the clinic operates without gathering intel from its patient members first. If 10% or more of the clinic members respond negatively, then we will likely stop this idea from going forward. So please answer the question below, your opinion is very important. For more info on this idea, read the info below the poll.


The Question: Would it be okay if the clinic raised its monthly membership price by $2 per month in order to create a funding pool from which we could pull to help struggling clinic community members?

Please answer via the poll below and make your opinion known. Thanks!

Community Funding Poll

Brainstorming time. Help us out. Our tiny group at the clinic, along with some friends in the community, have been trying to figure out a way to crowd source funding to help some of our struggling clinic community members, and we may have found a way. So, what’s our idea?…

Essentially, we are wondering if everyone would be ok with a slight price increase of $2 per month. We know, it doesn’t seem like much, but when a few hundred people contribute $2 per month, this can add up quickly. But, we don’t want to just think this is a great idea and move forward on it suddenly without input. We want to hear what our patients think. So we created a quick poll button to help gather info. Please take the few seconds to vote that it will require to make your voice heard. It is just one question, and is completely anonymous. If 10% or more of our clinic members vote that they do not agree with this idea, then we will not move forward with it, and we will go back to the starting line and brainstorm further on other possibilities. 

Why do this? It has become apparent to us over the years that there is a fairly predictable percentage of patients each month who get hit with hardships. Some which are minor, and some seemingly insurmountable. While we can’t hope to completely alleviate all troubles with just a $2 price change, we can at least provide assistance and hope to many who otherwise would have had none. At times, just the hand up that your own community can provide is all that is needed to set your feet flat again to carry on. 

Of note, since we are only in the brainstorming stage here, we do not have cemented plans as to how this funding program will be administered, and we won’t plan on it further until we have heard back from everyone as to whether or not this is even a viable idea. Again, please take the short time to make your voice heard by clicking to vote in the survey. Thank you so much!

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