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Our office also serves as a Trans Safe Space. When we are open and seeing patients, anyone of the Trans community may feel free to stop by, grab a coffee, and hang out for a while in our comfy lobby.

*Due to Covid, our hours are limited. Message us to find out when we are open to the public, or check our FB page for updates*

The Other Clinic in the News! Click one of the news links below to see what they reported about us during our first year open:

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Learn about how to become our patient and what the usual costs of HRT can be in the video below:

Breakdown of the main costs of HRT is as follows (all lab/med prices quoted below are out of pocket uninsured prices):

-HRT Clinic Visits: $35/month fee covers all visits throughout the year ($50 on the month of sign up). No, we do not accept health insurance at The Other Clinic, but it may still cover your labs/medicine. For Trans Youth fees, click the "Youth" tab.

-Medications: $15-$45/month at your local pharmacy.

-Lab Panels: $75-$150 per occurrence (depending on type of HRT being done). These are drawn at the start of HRT, and then about every 3 months during the first 12-18 months before going to every 6 months. (Labs quoted from Labcorp/Quest).

*Watch the video above for more details, or check out the "Labs" tab and the "Services/Cost" tab in the site menu*