Wanna Help This Clinic and Its Patients Succeed?

So many people ask us how they can help, donate, or otherwise with this clinic. If anyone in the community would like to donate to help with our mission and goals, then you may use the donate button at the bottom here to go to our nonprofit donation page with Paypal (can use either a Paypal acct or Credit Card). Our nonprofit arm is called Marsha's Tea Room (a 501c3 charity organization). Marsha's was created as a way to help fund a trans safe space, provide resources/support, and also to help those struggling to afford their hormone therapy costs. The link to Marsha's website is www.marshastearoom.org in case you would like further info.  

***You can choose to donate any amount from $1 and up, as a one time donation or as a monthly recurring donation. If you prefer to have your donation go towards a specific goal, then leave a note in the space where you can click to add a note with your donation. Thank you so much!