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Transgender Adult Hormone Therapy

Get started on your individualized transition plan! Appts can be completed In-Office or by Telemedicine Video Chat depending on your therapy needs. A one-time $70 admin fee is due when booking the appt. The cost after that is only $35/month, which begins 30 days after your 1st appt. 


Transgender Youth Consultation

No charge for this Telemedicine consultation visit. For ages 16 & 17 only. You and your parent/guardian(s) speak with a provider to discuss our trans youth program methods and requirements. Parental consent, mental health letter, and a physical clearance form are required to proceed with any treatment. This consultation is completed via Telemedicine Video Chat format only. This appt is required prior to formal clinic enrollment. Once enrolled, appts are $150. *See the Youth tab for more info. Available only in MS*

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