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Empower Pharmacy Offers Specialty
Hormone Medications Via Mail-Order

*Things To Know About Ordering From This Pharmacy*

1) Your medication will be made-to-order, so supply-chain issues that affect regular pharmacies aren't an issue. 
2) Your medication is made to be hypoallergenic, so less potential irritation.
3) Payment is made through the Clinic App, and we place the order with Empower. 
4) Med
ication is then mailed to your address (so be sure we have a good phone/address on file!).
5) Orders are generally made for a 2-3 month supply at a time. Refills are requested through the Clinic App. 
6) Empower Pharmacy is a trans affirming business; you can look them over here if desired:


***Shipping Cost is for UPS 2-Day shipping, and adds $12.50 to your order***
*Some medications may only be available in multi-month supplies*




+Testosterone Cypionate Inj: $50 for 5mL vial (approx 3 month supply).


+Testosterone Enanthate Inj: $50 for 5mL vial (approx 3 month supply).

+Testosterone Cream: $60/mo. 

+Testosterone Gel: $67/mo.

+Testosterone Nasal Spray/Gel: $50/mo.

+Acne Sensitive Cream: $60/mo.

+Acne Regular Cream: $55/mo.

+Hair Formula: $80/mo (can last longer depending on amount applied).

+Powers Anorgasmia Cream: $50 for 20-30 applications (used for anyone who has difficulty achieving orgasm during intercourse).




+Estradiol Valerate Inj in 5mL vial: approx 90 day supply, $110. 


+Estradiol Cypionate Inj in 5mL vial: approx 90 day supply, $80. 

+Estradiol Cream: $70/mo. 


+Progesterone Cream: $60-$70/mo. (Applied directly to breast tissue).

+Progesterone Suppositories: $75/mo.

+Hair Formula: $80/mo.


+Powers Anti-Aging Face Cream: $70/mo.


+Acne Sensitive Cream: $60/mo.


+Acne Regular Cream: $55/mo.

+Powers Anorgasmia Cream: $50 for 20-30 applications (for use in post-op trans women and anyone who has difficulty achieving orgasm during intercourse).

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